The Austin/Travis County Hate Crimes Task Force was officially launched on December 15th, 2010. Conveners included Austin Anti-Defamation League, Austin City Council members Sheryl Cole, Laura Morrison, and Randi Shade as well as the Community Justice Council led by David Escamilla (Travis County Attorney) and Rosemary Lehmberg (Travis County District Attorney). More than 70 persons representing 40 different organizations/departments participated in that discussion and reached consensus to form a local Hate Crimes Task Force initiative. A Steering Committee was created of stakeholders to bring back recommendations regarding structure, work processes and scope of work. The Steering Committee brought their recommendations to the Task Force on April 14th, 2011 for endorsement.


 A respectful community free of hate.


To create a forum that fosters open dialogue about hate and discrimination and strengthens the bonds of our community through prevention, response and restoration.

2012 Hate Crimes Task Force Hate Crimes Report